Scape Fu Podcast Episode 3

Scape Fu is THE podcast for aquascaping. It’s mission is to learn the art and science of the planted aquarium hobby and aquascaping. I am continuing to push out the original Scape Fu Podcasts. Today is Episode 3 with John N. of Aquascaping World and Frank Wazeter, then of Aquarium Design Group. In this podcast I try to get John and Frank’s thoughts on how they came into the aquascaping hobby, where they are today and where they think the hobby is going. It’s the first time I use “keep the plastic out of the aquarium” in public. I also started using the podcast “bumpers” in-between the segments. This elicited positive and negative responses from listeners.

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Scape Fu Episode 3 – JohnN and Frank Wazeter

Scape Fu Episode 3 “Double Feature” is LIVE! This week we bring you something really special- two interviews for the price of one!  With us this week is JohnN from Aquascaping World and Frank Wazeter from Aquarium Design Group.

John tells us about his start in the hobby and reasons for starting Aquascaping World.  If your goal is to improve the look of your aquarium and transform it into a true work of art (no pun intended 😉 ), you need to be a member at Aquascaping World.  Please go check it out!

Also with us is Frank Wazeter from ADG talking about Iwagumi Cubed and its transformation to ADG Vibe.  They are kicking it up a notch over at ADG and you’re going to get excited at what they have in store for you.  Sign up to their ADGVibe Twitter Feed and also their ADGVibe YouTube Channel! Here’s a sample from their YouTube Channel featuring a beautiful ADA 60cm Hardscape:

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Keep the plastic out of the aquarium!